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Glass from Graeco-Roman Antiquity. Bibliographic chronicle
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Marie-Dominique Nenna

This glass bulletin has been published every five years in the Revue Archéologique (2001 and 2006). Due to the increase of the number of publications, it is now published every three years (publications in 2009, 2012 and 2015). In parallel to this chronicle bound to reading, this website (Glass from Graeco-Roman Antiquity. Bibliographic chronicle) offers a cumulative database for research. Now it contains publications of the years 1995-2013. Between each publication in the Revue Archéologique, will be mentionned bi-annually (September and April) the new titles recorded.

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Authors and editors are invited to indicated the titles of the recent publications on glass from Graeco-Roman Antiquity. These references will be available on the website. To-email

We want to bring together publications dedicated to glass from Graeco-Roman Antiquity (VIIth century BC-VIIth century AD) and to give a brief commentary on them. Confronted by the large number and variety of publications devoted to glass, we would like on the one hand to focus on the development of these studies and provide initial leads for further study, and on the other to offer an opportunity to glass specialists of the different regions of the Ancient World, who do not always enjoy easy access to these publications.
The database was conceived by the research team Archéologie du Monde grec et systèmes d’information (Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets, Virginie Fromageot-Laniepce) with the software FilemakerPro. It is feeded by Marie-Dominique Nenna. The search is done in full text and is also helped by an electronic indexation in French and in English.


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Wadi Natrun, Beni Salama, primary furnace from glassmaker
dated to I-II centuries AD.
© Mission archéologique du Wadi Natrun, E. Alonso
       Engraved glass goblet found in Douch (Egypt).
     © Cl. IFAO, J.-F. Gout

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